TACTYC was founded in 1978 by a group of early years teacher trainers who recognised how isolated they were feeling in their work and how supportive and developmental it could be to come together with others in a similar position on a regular basis. Today, TACTYC has broadened its base to welcome people from a wide range of early years backgrounds; early years researchers, education consultants and professionals working with children and families in day-care, education, health, play work and social service contexts. TACTYC also warmly welcomes students from across these areas – at a reduced fee.  Application form here!

One key theme that unifies the work of all these professionals is upholding the right of every child to receive a high quality educational experience. At TACTYC, we would maintain that a high quality educational experience depends on well-trained practitioners who themselves engage in on-going professional development throughout their working lives. Providing high quality educational experiences for young children can be regarded as a lifetime’s work. Learning is a complex business and young learners deserve the best society can offer.

With the enormous developments and changes in early years provision since 1978, training and development issues for early childhood educators are even more complex and challenging. All practitioners have seen a great expansion in the numbers of initiatives and directives affecting early years, not only in the UK but internationally. It is even more important that we become a voice for all early years professionals and the young children in our care. This is where TACTYC can help you to get connected.

We aim to ensure early childhood educators are informed about the implications of complex and challenging changes in the sector, encourage debate and ensure our members’ views are represented at the highest levels.

TACTYC promotes the highest quality professional development for all early years practitioners in order to enhance the educational well-being of the youngest children.

Our activities include:

  • advocacy and lobbying – providing a voice for all those engaged with the professional development of practitioners through responding to early years policy initiatives and contributing to the debate on the education and training of the UK early years workforce;
  • informing – developing the knowledge-base of all those concerned with early years education and care by disseminating research findings through our international Early Years Journal, annual conference, website and occasional publications;
  • supporting – encouraging informed and constructive discussion and debate and supporting practitioner reflection, the use of evidence-based practice and practitioner-research through, for example, our Newsletter and Website.

TACTYC is an internationally recognised association with a worldwide membership; we have adopted equality, diversity and inclusion as core values and principles.TACTYC welcomes people from a wide range of early years backgrounds; early years researchers, education consultants and professionals working with children and families in day-care, education, health, play work and social service contexts as well as students from across these areas. We strive to be an inclusive organisation advocating for the early years sector across diverse.

TACTYC recognises that inherent inequalities exist within society and may be present within social structures and institutions, practices and assumptions. We know that such inequalities have lifelong consequences for young children’s development and tackling them supports the well-being of families and communities. The Association is committed to addressing inequalities through inclusion, respect for each individual and the valuing of diversity. TACTYC aims to be accessible to all through a process of identifying, understanding and breaking down the barriers to participation and belonging so that all groups and individuals are included.

If, like us, you think the professional development of all early years educators is crucially important to young children’s lives and life chances, then join us today!


Your new Executive Committee has been formally constituted and roles were allocated at our Januarymeeting.  All our Exec fulfil non-paid roles, the majority of the Exec having full-time jobs with various organisations or independent consultancy roles. We belong to the TACTYC Exec out of commitment to our members and a belief that we can make a difference for children and their educators and carers.

There are 19 members of the Executive, including our President, three officers (elected members but whose role is determined by the Exec, i.e. Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Minutes Secretary), six other elected and five co-opted members. The three editors of our Journal plus the Book Reviews Editor are ex-officio members. You can see the list below.



AMIES, Nicola


Co-opted (2016-17)

BETTS-DAVIES, Gareth Co-opted (2015-17)
BILTON, Helen Elected (2016-2019)
BROOKER, Liz Journal Editor (Ex-officio)
COLLINS, Rosa Co-opted (2016-17) (Social Media)
CURTIS, Sharon Co-opted (2015-17)
EYLES, Jackie Elected (2015-18) jackie.eyles1@btopenworld.com
GEORGESON, Jan Journal – Editor (Ex-officio)
HOUSTON, Gina Co-opted (2015-17)
MCDOWALL CLARK, Rory Elected (2015-18) (Book reviews and Reflections)
MOYLES, Janet Elected (2015-18) (Website Editor, Occasional Papers) janet.moyles@btinternet.com
MURRAY, Jane Elected (2014-17) (Conferences) jane.murray@northampton.ac.uk
OBERHUEMER, Pamela Journal Editor (Ex-officio)
PARKER-REES, Rod Journal Editor (Ex-officio)
PAYLER, Jane Elected (2014-17)
POWELL, Sacha Elected (2015-18) (Chair) sacha.powell@canterbury.ac.uk
SCOTT, Wendy President (2013-17)
SONI, Anita Elected (2014-17) (Minutes) anitasoni@blueyonder.co.uk
STEWART, Nancy Elected (2015-18) (Vice-Chair and Membership Secretary) nancystewart.stewart@gmail.com
WORTHINGTON, Maulfry Co-opted (2016-17) (Newsletter Editor) maulfry@blueyonder.co.uk

Reference Group1 – appointed March 2016

OTTER, Sue Lincolnshire County Council
PITMAN, Jackie Cambridgeshire CC
SINGLETON, Rachael Kirklees Council
JALLOW , Lesley West Sussex CC

Published: September 12, 2017 | Print