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Book Series

TACTYC BOOK SERIES: Research informed professional development for the early years

We are delighted to give you information about our TACTYC Book Series, published by Routledge.  The books are intended to support those who educate and train early years practitioners to understand the latest research, its implications and practical interpretation.  In doing so, the series also supports TACTYC’s aims, as well as offering a rationale for improving the quality and reach of practice in early years education and care.

In the series, we will provide a number of books, of around 60,000 words, each having a focus on a particular current aspect of research in early childhood which has direct implications for practice and policy. Authors will tease out from the main findings of the research aspects which should influence practitioner thinking and reflection and help them to question their own practice. Activities are provided for educators/trainers to deepen knowledge and extend understanding of the issues. Readers of the books will benefit from clear analysis, critique and interpretation of the key factors surrounding the research as well as exemplifications and case studies to illustrate the research-practice or research-policy links. The books will be a core resource for all those educating and training early years practitioners, supporting the development of critical reflection and up-to-date knowledge.

Two books have been published so far:

Rory's Book [1]

see: Rory McDowall-Clark, Exploring the Contexts for Early Learning: Challenging the school readiness agenda.   [2]  [3]

Jane's book [4]



see Jane Murray, Building Knowledge in Early Childhood Education: Young children are researchers. [3]

The next books to be published will be:

Future books so far include the following (and we are commissioning more all the time!):