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Who can join TACTYC?

TACTYC is an internationally acknowledged association with a worldwide membership. A wide range of Early Years professionals already benefit from membership of TACTYC. You can join TACTYC if you are concerned with the education and care of young children.

Members include

 What are the benefits of membership?

Costs of membership of TACTYC

The annual membership fee is £45 full membership and £30 student/unwaged membership. Paying by Standing Order will save you a lot of hassle so print it off and send it to your bank today. Also, don’t forget to print off and send off your membership form to Nancy Stewart.  Please also remember that, if you pay by standing order, you need to contact your bank and update the membership fee.  This is VITAL if we are to continue the extensive work we already do on members behalf.

Membership Application Form

Click here for Membership Application Form [5]. Please do contact TACTYC if you have any questions for membership information tactyc.org@gmail.com [6]

Please note that our database is held by the Membership Secretary and your details are only held whilst you are a paid-up member of TACTYC. Should you decide not to renew your membership, your details will be deleted.