Consultations & Responses

This is where we share with you the consultation responses and other lobbying activities undertaken on your behalf.




  • DfE consultation: Literacy and numeracy qualification requirements for level 3 Early Years Educator staff – TACTYC response
  • Dame Reena Keeble’s Effective Primary Teaching Practice ReportTACTYC collaborative open letter response
  • Education Select Committee Primary Assessment InquiryTACTYC response.
  • The Labour Party Children and Education Policy Commission ‘Delivering a step change in early intervention and the early years’ – TACTYC response
  • Inquiry on Foundation years and the UK Government’s life chances strategy – TACTYC/EE Response
  • Education Committee inquiry into the purpose and quality of education in England – TACTYC response

Older responses




  • False judgements and expectations are failing young children (12th November 2013) – TACTYC Press Release
  • Policy advice and future research agendas: Early Years (12th November 2013) – BERA Early Childhood special interest group / TACTYC collaboration
  • Primary assessment and accountability under the new national curriculum (12th September 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • The Regulation of Childcare (12th September 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • TACTYC’S response to the Teachers’ Standards (Early Years) (23rd July 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • Letter to Teach First (5th July 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • More Great Childcare response to BAECE (20th June 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • Letter to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (10th June 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • Legislating for Less Great Childcare (29th April 2013) – TACTYC press release
  • Consultation on proposed changes to the role of the local authority in early education and childcare (29th April 2013) – TACTYC response
  • National Curriculum response (17th April 2013) – TACTYC response
  • English government’s consultations on Early Years Educator qualifications (17th April 2013) – TACTYC response
  • The Early Years Teachers Standards consultation (17th April 2013) – TACTYC response
  • TACTYC’S Response to Guardian Comment: Ben Goldacre (20th March 2013) – TACTYC response
  • Shaking the foundations of quality? Why ‘childcare’ policy must not lead to poor-quality early education and care (March 2013) – Cathy Nutbrown
  • Consultation on Early Education and Childcare Staff Deployment (March 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • Playtime is over for Britain’s nurseries (January 2013) – Letter to Sunday Times
  • Points made to Education Select Committee (January 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • The Truss Report: More Great Childcare (January 2013) – TACTYC Response
  • Extending Free Early Education to More Two-year-olds (November 2013) – Consultation Response


Pre-2011 responses

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