Conferences & AGM

The aim of TACTYC conferences is to enable people interested in the promotion of high quality early childhood services to meet together and to share opportunities for the highest quality professional development, to offer and receive mutual support and to encourage debate and discussion.


Another great conference – well done to all those involved especially our lovely delegates.  Excellent evaluations were received which will be posted here shortly.  Lots of interesting follow-up including members voting for us to undertake submitting for charitable status – more about this later too!

Research briefings presenters’ papers are here to read:  Lynch and Soni,  M.E. Whalley,  Viki Veale,  Elizabeth Thomas,  Holton and Novis,  Lindsey Watson, Diane Boyd

2017 AGM Papers can now be downloaded:  Agenda, Minutes of AGM 2016,  Chair’s Report, Membership Report, Early Years Journal Report, Website Report.

Published: January 26, 2018 | Print